Healthy Shapely You Planner 2017 Jan – Dec Calendar. Daily Weekly Monthly...

Healthy Shapely You Planner 2017 Jan – Dec Calendar. Daily Weekly Monthly Yearly Diet & Exercise Record & Assessment, 8.5 x 11, Spiral, 12 Months

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Become as Healthy and Shapely as you want to be. Do you lose weight only to gain it back again? Do professional and personal commitments get in the way of exercise and a healthier diet? Healthy Shapely You keeps you FOCUSED on your Healthy Shapely Goals. Transition to a healthier lifestyle using simple manageable steps: 1. Record your habits. 2. Identify areas that need improvement. 3. Tally good healthy living choices vs bad healthy living choices. 4. Strive to make better choices every day. Every destination, however far it may seem is reached by taking one step at a time or as in this case, one Healthy Decision at a time. Small changes over time lead to big results.

Product Features

  • January – December Professional Planner plus simple diet and exercise journal, all in one.
  • • A daily Healthy Choices assessment on diet and exercise structured to develop new habits by maintaining awareness and accountability through a personal support system.
  • • 2-page Weekly spread for appointments with a daily Healthy Shapely decisions record and assessment that helps you stay focused on your goals.
  • • 2-page Monthly spread for planning ahead and recording Healthy Shapely decisions for the month as well as a month to month cumulative record to keep track of your progress throughout the year.
  • •• Reference Guides: 2 year reference calendar. Note pages, Address pages, Healthy Snacks, Ways to increase exercise opportunities, Exercise Tips, Exercises you can do anywhere + weekly and monthly Motivational Affirmations.


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  1. I really like the affirmations This is the most well thought out and helpful planner I have ever seen. All ages will find this a helpful tool for keeping motivated in order to live a healthy lifestyle. The presentation is well organized with monthly and weekly calendars, goal check tallies, affirmations, and helpful tips. I added my own personal goals to the list of :My Healthy Choices” in order to expand and customize. I really like the affirmations, and flexible daily healthy choices check list for the user makes decisions and than tallies up their score. It keeps me on track and I feel so rewarded everyday. and less stressed about living the way I know is good for me. What a load off my mind because I am no longer just talking about it but actually doing it, and I feel great. It is set up in a very loving helpful way with positive statements.pointers, and practical ideas. The user is given the information as well as an organizational system so they can take responsibility for the life that really want to…

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